ELT Series

Our original low temperature ink, ELT Series is opaque, bleed resistant, and effective on cotton, poly/cotton, nylon, and polyester fabric.

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ELT-S Series

Much like our original ELT Series, ELT-S adds softness and stretch ability.  This allows for screen printing on polyester/stretch and nylon/stretch blends.

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Black Underbase

We offer a black underbase ink in both our ELT Series and ELT-S Series inks.  These special inks will provide an additional layer of bleed protection.

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Why low temperature ink?

Let's face it, many of the fabrics which are screen printed are delicate.  Some are very costly.  Why risk ruining an expensive football uniform or running shirt when you can simply turn down the temperature of your conveyor dryer?

ELT and ELT-S Series inks will cure as low as 250ºF compared to the industry standard of 320ºF to 330ºF. By lowering the dryer temperature, you are preventing heat-related damage such as ghosting, shrinking, scorching, melting, and fabric discoloration.   You are also preventing damage to the print itself as dye migration is minimized at lower temperatures.

There are more benefits! Our low temperature ink will also flash cure very quickly, preventing fabric damage while extending platen adhesive life.


Time to order...

Visit the One Stroke Inks website to order ELT Series and ELT-S Series today!  All of our inks arrive with a 100% money back guarantee.