How do I measure cure temperature?

We always recommend Thermolabels (paper thermometers). Many screen printers want to use an infrared gun to test the temperature.  However, this will only measure the top of the ink. This will not tell you if the ink is cured.  A Thermolabel technically measures the fabric temperature but it requires time and temperature, just like plastisol ink.

How do I set up my dryer?

It is difficult to tell any screen printer how to set up their dryer as there are so many different sizes and styles. Good advice is to control your belt speed first.  We always prefer a minute to minute and a half in the dryer.  Once you get the belt speed where you want it, adjust the temperature so the Thermolabel fully turns black at the desired temperature.  This is usually 270ºF for ELT and ELT-S Series.  Small electric dryers may not allow for a minute dwell time.  We strongly urge our customers to use a 30 second dwell time at an absolute minimum in these situations.  Minimum.

Why is my ELT/ELT-S ink so glossy?

If these inks are cured hotter than the recommended 270ºF, they will become very glossy.  This is as sure sign that you need to test your dryer with Thermolabels.  Always be aware, especially with an electric dryer, lightweight fabrics will heat up much faster than heavy sweats and uniforms.  This can often create a 20ºF to 40ºF difference to your ink temperature depending on your belt speed.

Where do I order?

You may order from our website or simply call us toll free at 800-942-4447.  Our friendly account managers will assist you in selecting the best product for your business!

Do you have distributors?

No, we manufacture and distribute our own products from our facility in Louisville, Kentucky.  Louisville is also the home of the UPS Worldwide Hub.  UPS Ground shipments can arrive in just one day to Chicago, Illinois.  Two shipping days to Miami, Florida.  This is a huge benefit to you!

What is your return policy?

We stand by our products.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee on every product we sell.  If you have a problem, give us a call.  Let us know.  We will either replace it or give you the money back.