ELT-S Series will easily print through coarse or fine screen mesh.  When dye migration is a concern, 110 mesh is ideal.


Flash curing should take about half the time as a standard plastisol ink, usually just a few seconds.


ELT-S Series will cure as low as 250ºF.  Ideally for most fabrics, 270ºF will give you the softest and most bleed resistant print.


Why ELT-S Series?

ELT-S Series ink is extremely soft and stretchy.  This ink was developed to have a similar feel to silicone ink.  It is not quite as opaque as the original ELT Series but it still has the ability to print-flash-print onto dark fabrics without a white underbase.

Universal Ink

A universal ink is one which may print on virtually any fabric.  That's right!  You can stock one ink in your shop for all fabrics instead numerous different styles.  This is perfect for preventing the wrong ink from decorating the wrong uniform. Plus, universal inks are always very opaque!


Energy Savings

Running a lower dryer temperature and shorter flash cure time will provide significant energy savings. It is impossible to say how much exactly as this depends greatly on your equipment.  However, we have numerous customers claiming 30 to 35% savings.  Low temperature inks are truly a "green" ink!

Color Selection

ELT Series is available in an impressive color selection.  All of these colors are pictured in our ELT Color Book.  This book includes printed swatches of the actual ink for the most accurate color matching. In addition to these colors, we offer custom color matching and special effect inks such as metallics and glitters.


Technical Data Sheet

Download the TDS to see all of the specific details of ELT Series ink.

Safety Data Sheet

Download the SDS to see all of the safety information of ELT Series ink.